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Preventing Injury in Building Fires

Posted by on Feb 3, 2015 in Personal Injury | 0 comments

Although it is hard to remain calm in life-threatening situations, following certain protocol can increase chances of survival. Fires cause serious burn injuries, and taking action before the fire occurs is a necessary step in prevention.

The website of the Sampson Law Firm emphasizes the trauma and pain a burn can inflict, and the many ways in which they can occur. Fires inside the home, workplace, or any other closed buildings are sources of detrimental injuries, and can be aided with the use of smoke alarms and escape plans.

If smoke alarms are functioning properly, they can reduce the chance of dying by 50%. They alert those in the building to the emergency so that everyone can hopefully get out before the fire reaches them. In the event of a defective smoke alarm in a work environment (out of batteries, muffled sound), any accidents that occur are not the responsibility of the victim. When accidents occur at the fault of another person’s failure to maintain the alarm, they can legally be held responsible.

Another crucial preventative action is the implementation of a fire escape plan. If occupants follow the plan, the evacuation will go quickly and reduce the chance of accidents from happening inside. Fires spread rapidly, and the quicker the building is evacuated, the less likely people will be hurt.

The familiar phrase “stop, drop, and roll” is always effective in fire situations. The air that is lowest to the ground is the least contaminated, and rolling out will put you at a further distance from a fire. Doing this can help prevent burns, or minimize them if the fire has already done damage.

The combination of functioning fire alarms and fire escape plans can decrease burn injuries exponentially. They alert occupants so they can react quickly to possible life-threatening situations, which saves lives from being caught in a rampant fire.

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